Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School

Unit 7  - 100 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba QLD 4157 - 0418 889 133

Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School

Welcome to the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. Recognised as Brisbane’s premier training academy, we teach Kung Fu not as a way of fighting, but as a way of life. 

The Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School is unique because we offer a non-competitive training environment – you won’t find belt-based grading systems or tournaments here. Instead, our classes combine music and modern day equipment with the traditional techniques and disciplines of Jow Ga Kung Fu. 

Under the leadership of highly respected Kung Fu master, Sifu Lam Tu Luan, you’ll learn how to increase your fitness, improve your coordination and relax your mind, body and soul.

All classes are held in our new, fully equipped Capalaba studio, where students of all ages and ability train together, make friends and support each other. We’d love you to experience for yourself how the ancient art of Kung Fu will improve your health and fitness in today’s modern world. 

And, because we know it can take more than one visit to decide if Kung Fu is for you, the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School is delighted to offer your first three classes for free.

Contact us on 0418 889 133 and we’ll arrange times to suit. We look forward to welcoming you!